NMF Mascot

Nora The Piano Cat is the Official Mascot of the National Music Festival! For more information about Nora, visit her website at norathepianocat.com.

Nora The Piano Cat was a real-life, piano-playing, spunky rescue cat adopted by musician and composer Betsy Alexander and her husband Burnell Yow. Nora recently passed away, but her joyful legacy lives on. In Nora’s honor, the Festival Symphony Orchestra will present the CATcerto as part of the Festival Finale on June 15, 2024.

On June 9, 2024, the National Music Festival, in partnership with Nora The Piano Cat, the Cat Colloquium, and The Animal Care Shelter for Kent County, will present the First Annual Feline Fun Fest: A Purrfect Mewsical Afternoon with Nora The Piano Cat. This free, family-friendly event in downtown Chestertown will feature special performances, art activities for children, and lots of cat-themed fun.

Download the Nora Coloring Sheet