Youth Programs

Fiddlesticks FAQ

What day/time will the lessons take place?

This will depend on what day(s) and time(s) parents designate on the enrollment form as being convenient for their family. Students will be matched with groups for lessons to occur at mutually agreeable times.

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What date do the lessons begin?

As soon as we have formed groups based on the enrollment forms. We will be in touch with parents (via email if possible) to confirm the start date and all lesson dates.

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When is the concert?

Sunday, May 31 at 6:00 p.m.

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How many children will be chosen to play in the concert? How many from each school?

All children in Phases 2-4 will be eligible to play at the concert, as well as graduates of the program who are continuing their musical studies. There is no maximum number of students from each school who may perform, nor is there a maximum number of total students who may perform. Performing in the concert is not mandatory for participants, but it is encouraged!

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Will this program continue next school year?

That is our intent, but it is dependent on our receiving funding to pay for the program.

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My child has already completed Phase 4 - what now?

Graduates of the Fiddlesticks! Program are eligible for our instrument loan program and also to play in the Fiddlesticks! Orchestra in the spring. We encourage students to continue their musical studies after they graduate from the program, either privately with one of our teachers, or with another teacher in the area. Please feel free to contact us for recommendations. 

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