The Phanos Project

Performance Calendar

Past Performances:

National Music Festival, 8th Annual Phanos Project Concert: Suite for Strings and Ballad for Saxophone Quartet; June 7, 2016; Chestertown, MD

Orchestra Academic Baskent: Suite for Strings; February 26, 2015; Ankara, Turkey

National Music Festival, 7th Annual Phanos Project Concert: composition tba, June 2015, Chestertown, Maryland

National Music Festival, 6th Annual Phanos Project Concert: Music for Five, June 4, 2014, Chestertown, Maryland
Jared Hauser, oboe; Jasper String Quartet

Union Symphony Orchestra: Suite for Strings; February 8, 2014; Monroe, North Carolina
Conducted by Richard Rosenberg

Kyklos Ensemble: The Soldier’s Blues; December 10, 2013; Athens, Greece

National Music Festival, 5th Annual Phanos Project Concert: Ballad for Saxophone Quartet and Elegy for Violin and Piano; June 4, 2013; Chestertown, Maryland
Mana Saxophone Quartet; Dana Goode, violin, with Elaine Kwon, piano

National Music Festival, 4th Annual Phanos Project Concert: Academic Overture; June 10, 2012, Chestertown, Maryland

Annapolis Symphony Orchestra: Suite for Strings; March 23 and 24, 2012; Annapolis, Maryland
Conducted by Jose-Luis Novo

National Music Festival, 3rd Annual Phanos Project Concert: The Soldier’s Blues and Suite for Strings; June 1, 2011; Floyd, Virginia

Festival of Music in the Mountains: Suite for Strings; January 21, 2011; Pocos de Caldas, Brazil
Conducted by Richard Rosenberg

2nd Annual Phanos Project Concert: Various works; November 14, 2010; Baltimore, Maryland

1st Annual Phanos Project Concert: Various works; November 7, 2009; Baltimore, Maryland

(This is a partial list of past performances, and we will continue to add listings. If you know of an upcoming or past performance of Phanos’ music, please email to let us know. Thank you!)