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Every June, families in the Chestertown/Kent County area open their homes to National Music Festival musicians. While some hosts are Festival volunteers or board members, many are local residents who love music and musicians, or simply want to help. Hosting musicians is a wonderful and rewarding experience!

Hosts are recruited throughout the year, and are matched with guests in May. Musicians are responsible for their own transportation and meals during their stay (some hosts like to invite their guests to join them for meals when possible, but this is not required). Hosts provide a place to sleep and practice. If you are able to help with transportation, that is wonderful and much appreciated, but it is not required.

If you are interested in hosting and would like more information please fill out the interest form below. More information is also available in a downloadable PDF by clicking here.

If you are ready to commit to hosting, please fill out our online host questionnaire, which will allow us to match you appropriately with your guest(s). Click here to access the questionnaire. 

Thank you!

The National Music Festival would like to thank the following hosts for the 2019 season:

Marjorie and Walter Adams

Page Barroll

Carol & Warren Beaven

James Bogden & Charles Taylor

Barbara & Catherine Brereton

MG & Jack Brosius

Marcy Brown & Bob Atwater

Joan Buffone & Dorsey Hammond

Rob Busler

Nancy & Zane Carter

Peggy & John Christie

Genevieve Coyle

Ran Crawford & Dave Turner

Virginia & Steve Croker

Pat & Ray Diedrichs

Carol Dobson

Brenda Fazekas

Lynn Geisert

Donna & Tony Gibbons-Neff

Liz Gross

Priscilla Hall

Connie & Bruce Hartwig

Peggy & Dal Holmes

Nina Houghton

Anna Hurd

Bob Ingersoll

Sandra & Neal Jackson

Suzzanne Kastendike

Beryl Kemp

Julie Lawrence & Joseph Harding

Betty & Dennis Martin

Edward Maxcy

Ralph Morgan

Carol & Bentley Orrick

Silvia & Enrique Pallares

Caitlin Patton & Richard Rosenberg

Mary Pritchard & Margo Long

Kathleen Ruckman

Anita Rudnick

Sandra Ryon

Earl Runde & Sandy Borghardt

Liz & Stan Salett

Harry Sears

Michelle & Vic Sensenig

Mary Anne Shea & Blyth Reynolds

Beryl & Douglas Smith

Peg & Charlie Sommers

Shelby M. Strudwick

Shelby T. Strudwick

Nancy & Richard Swanson

Paddy & Richard Tobey

Linda Verbeck

Laura & Kirk Wade

Amy & Robert Warner

Washington College

Cliff West

Pam White

Zsuzsa & Andrew Wierda

Lynda & Robert Willard

This list is up to date as of June 13, 2019.

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