About the NMF


Development Committee

The Development Committee handles all fundraising. The Development Committee plans the annual gala, annual appeal letter, and all other development activities.

  • Turner Smith, Chair
  • Susan Baisley

Diversity Committee

The mission of the Diversity Committee is to increase racial diversity amongst our musicians, our audience members, and our board and committee structures for the National Music Festival. 

  • Michelle Humphreys, Chair
  • Elizabeth Gross
  • Dorsey Hammond
  • Bruce Hartwig
  • Bob Johnson
  • Sue Matthews
  • Caitlin Patton
  • Leslie Raimond
  • Richard Rosenberg
  • Charles Taylor
  • Ellsworth Tolliver

Housing Committee

The Housing Committee recruits local families to host musicians.

  • Bruce Hartwig, Chair
  • Sandy Sears
  • Charles Taylor

Marketing Committee

All marketing and publicity activities are the domain of the Marketing Committee, including printed materials such as brochures and posters, press releases, advertising and more.

  • Charles Taylor, Chair
  • Bob Johnson
  • Judy Berman
  • Caitlin Patton
  • Lolli Sherry