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Single Concert Tickets

All tickets ordered in advance will be held for pick-up at the will call table at the concerts. No tickets will be mailed. Any remaining tickets will be available at the door. Student/child tickets are available for $5 for any concert. If the student/child is over age 14, please show a school or college ID when picking up the ticket(s).

Below is a listing of all Resonance concerts that currently have single tickets available. Click on the concert you would like to attend to purchase tickets; you will be able to adjust the number of tickets to purchase from the cart page. Single tickets for the National Music Festival will be available in Spring 2019.

RESONANCE, 2018-2019 Sundays at 3:00pm at St. Paul’s

March 24 Karen Slack Soprano

April 28 Gwen Krosnick Violoncello

Special Event: March 29, Caitlin Patton and Sammy Marshall Voice and piano

Student/child tickets