About the NMF


Advertising Committee

The Advertising Committee sells Festival Guide advertising each season.

  • Bob Emling, Chair 

Corporate Sponsorship Committee

The Corporate Sponsorship Committee seeks financial support from corporations and businesses.

  • W. Dorsey Hammond, Co-Chair
  • Laura Wade, Co-Chair
  • Joan Buffone
  • Bob Emling
  • Caitlin Patton
  • Sandy Ryon
  • Mary Anne Shea Reynolds

Development Committee

The Development Committee handles all fundraising except business and corporate support. The Development Committee plans the annual gala, annual appeal letter, and all other development activities.

  • Mary Anne Shea Reynolds, Co-Chair
  • Laura Wade, Co-Chair
  • Joan Buffone
  • Diane Kalter
  • Caitlin Patton
  • Sandy Ryon

Grants Sub-Committee

This is a sub-committee of the Development Committee, and handles grant research and writing for all OuterArts Maryland programs.

  • Joan Buffone, Chair
  • Caitlin Patton
  • Michael Sawzin
  • Pamela White

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee helps the Board of Directors oversee the financial health of the organization.

  • Elizabeth Gross, Chair
  • J. Kirk Wade

Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee provides snacks for musicians as well as food, flowers and decorations for Festival parties and receptions.

  • Bruce Hartwig, Co-Chair
  • Bonnie Keating, Co-Chair
  • Barbara Brown
  • Grace Fillucco
  • Suzanne Fisher
  • Holly Geddes
  • Connie Hartwig
  • Suzanne Kastendike
  • Debbie Nevins
  • Rita Premo
  • Phyllis Roberts
  • Stephanie Spangler
  • Linda Verbeck

Housing Committee

The Housing Committee recruits local families to host musicians.

  • Debbie Nevins, Chair
  • Sandra Bjork
  • Sally Borghardt
  • Muriel Cole
  • Margie Elsberg
  • Robin Emling
  • Suzanne Fisher
  • Elizabeth Gross
  • Bonnie Keating
  • Phyllis Roberts
  • Laura Wade

Marketing Committee

All marketing and publicity activities are the domain of the Marketing Committee, including printed materials such as brochures and posters, press releases, advertising and more.

  • Robert Johnson, Chair
  • Margie Elsberg
  • Bob Emling
  • Caitlin Patton
  • Sandy Ryon
  • Lolli Sherry
  • Barbara Vann

Youth Programming Committee

The Youth Programming Committee supports the Fiddlesticks! Youth Strings Program and other youth and community programming.

  • Michael Sawzin, Chair
  • Jane Jewell
  • Sue Matthews
  • Caitlin Patton